Limerick Tech Talks : Rugged Notebooks

Terms & Conditions How to win ? 

In order to be eligible to receive a Dell Technologies / McLaren branded gilet you should: 1. Answer all questionnaire questions provided at the end of the event (i.e. 3 technical/product related + 2 feedback questions) 2. Get all the 3 technical/product related answers correct Once the event is ended and if you have fulfilled points 1 and 2 above, you will receive a message from a Dell Representative requiring your preferred size and postal address. 
3. this gift is limited to 100 winners.
4 The gift is only for Dell end customer, Dell Prospect & Dell partners & distributor who participate live to the session of the Limerick talks: Rugged  on October the 7th, 2021   

 Thanks for your participation in this exciting activity!